Project/Committee Details - APTA Utah
Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Committee
Structural inequity can make it feel as though your voice isn’t at the forefront of our professional endeavors. This committee seeks to provide a robust platform for historically marginalized voices to be centered in recommendations for the APTA Utah Board, and the Profession at large.

Soliciting feedback from within the organization to ensure groups facing barriers within our workforce are heard.
Presenting feedback to APTA Utah Board in order to address identified barriers in a collaborative effort.

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We are seeking enthusiastic and open-minded individuals within the physical therapy profession interested in making a difference. No prior experience in the topic is needed. For more information, please email the DEI chair Miriam Cortez-Cooper -
Primary Contact:
Miriam Cortez-Cooper
Contact Email:
Project/Committee Member Information
Miriam Cortez-Cooper
Jordyn Floerke
Hina Garg
Maxwell Hunter
Andrew Kosturik
Elizabeth Lane
Katie Mansell
Kate Minick
Ramiro Mora
Darren Neeley
Jordan Pascua
Lennie Swenson